Centralised Registration 1st March 2014

Saturday, 01 March 2014
1. Who can teach it?
    All NROC registered NCAP swimming coaches with a Certificate
    of Participation (SSPA).
2. Who can test?
    Minimum NROC registered NCAP Level 2 swimming coaches with
    technical official level 3 trained (swimming rules*)

    TESTER: Roles & Responsibilities

a)  Lane ropes – are in good condition

b)  Backstroke flags indicator is available (if backstroke tests are to be carried out)

c)  Stop watches – each time keeper to be allocated 1 stopwatch

d)  Start List – is prepared and is available for all Officials (e.g., Tester, COC, Timekeepers)

e)  Starting blocks – should be firmly planted (can be optional if this is unavailable)

f)   One Timekeeper per lane

    On the day of test:

-  Verbal Safety briefing of all participants

-  Feeling well

-  No illness (e.g., flu & fever) in the past 2 days

-  Currently not on medication

-  Ensures participants know their detail number and lane number

-  Arranges the participants according to Test details

-  Sends the participants off to the starting area 


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