Australian Transplant Games - Western Sydney 2016 - Volunteer Program

Penrith, NSW
Friday, 23 September 2016
Welcome to the Volunteer Program for the 2016 Australian Transplant Games
This website has been setup to allow you to find out more about the Games and register your intent to volunteer for the Games in one of four categories:

  • Sports Volunteer
  • Health Care Volunteer
  • General Volunteer
  • Special Events Volunteer
  • Transport Volunteer
  • Junior Program Volunteer
  • Media Volunteer
Please note the registration system will ask for your primary volunteer choice. However you will be able to choose activities from other categories if you wish to be more involved.

You will then be able to select your special interest areas which will help decide what days and events will be relevant to you.

You will receive a unique code that will allow you to re-enter the system and change, add or delete your availability up to one month out from the Games.

Importantly you will be able to invite friends and relatives to also volunteer their time.

Each Volunteer will receive a Volunteer Handbook which will be ready by early August, 2016.

In addition volunteers receive an official Games Volunteer shirt to keep plus a Certificate of Appreciation.

It is important to note there is no cost for volunteering for these Games and volunteers will receive refreshments, water and meals depending on what time of day they are in attendance.

But most importantly volunteers receive the recognition of Transplant Australia and all participants knowing they are helping to promote the greatest gift of all and give more Australians the chance to benefit from the life-saving gift of organ and tissue donation.

Contact Information

  • Phone: 1800 827757
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