Written Communication for Complaint Handlers - Melbourne 16 May 2019

Melbourne, VIC(AUS)
Thursday, 16 May 2019

Written Communication for Complaint Handlers - Melbourne 16 May 2019
Thursday, 16 May 2019 8:45 AM - 4:30 PM (Melbourne Time)

500 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Melbourne, VIC(AUS) 3000

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It is no longer acceptable to place people in service roles without proper training that allows them to be confident and effective in these roles.  In a globalised economy our competitors are only too willing to take our dissatisfied patrons off our hands,  and it takes a lot more money to replace a customer than it does to keep one.  This program has two distinct aims.  Firstly to provide the skills at that allows hassle free seamless service that exceeds customer expectations to be provided.  Secondly to equip participant with appropriates skills and techniques  to manage complaints in a productive and proactive manner.  The irony is that complaints really can be a gift -  It is one of the few times customers bother to give us feedback. Managed well they can generate customer loyalty and help drive change and innovation.

Program Objectives

Session One - Seamless Service

  • Examine the skills required to be effective in a service role
  • Identify areas for personal  improvement and compile a practical action plan.
  • Outline the 4 phase service model.

·       Use key skills and specific techniques to progress a client seamlessly through each phase.

·       Quickly build and maintain rapport to ensure messages are transmitted accurately,

  • Accurately uncover customer needs.
  • Identify practical and satisfactory solutions that meet customer needs.
  • Profile and respond to different personality types.

Session Two  - Managing Complaints

  • Identify the top 7 reasons that cause customer dissatisfaction
  • Recognise the early signals of dissatisfaction.
  • Avoid emotional hooks that provoke and enrage,
  • Use specific techniques to mitigate emotional responses,
  • Effectively deliver bad news,
  • Negotiate for productive win-win outcomes
  • Follow a 5 step formula that ensures emails and letters to customers reinforce the brand message or the organisation.

Members (three or more from one company) $859 per person.

Members $899 per person

Non-member $990 per person


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