AVOHK Reservoir Series 2014 - 2015

Hong Kong

Reservoir Series 2015-2016

A Mixed Terrain 3-Race Series Around the Reservoirs of Hong Kong
 14 December 2014, Tai Lam Chung Reservoir (15km)  2014 年12 月14 日,大欖涌 (15km)
 8 February 2015, Aberdeen (12km)   2015 年 2 月8 日,香港仔 (12km)
 8 March 2015, Tai Tam Reservoir (11km)
 2015 年 3 月8 日,大潭 (11km)

  • Medals for the first three finishers of individual races in each category. Trophies for series winners in all categories. T-shirts for all who finish two or more races.
  • All races start at 9:00am. Entries limited to 300 runners per race. Return transport available for Tai Lam Chung race. Strictly no entries on the day.
  • Race number to be collected on race day. Same number bib to be kept for all races. HK$50 for replacement number bib. Entry list, maps and information on www.avohk.org. No other communication will be sent to you.

  • 每場賽事,每一組別首三名運動員獲頒獎章。總聯賽每組別頭三位優勝者將獲頒發獎座。完成兩場或以上賽事之參賽者將獲贈T 恤。
  • 所有賽事於上午9時正開始。每埸賽事參賽名額300名。只有大欖涌比賽提供來回專車接送。不接受即場報名。
  • 參賽號碼布將於賽事當日派發,請保留參賽號碼布作所有賽事用途。補發號碼布費用為港幣50元。
  • 參賽者名單,地圖和賽事詳情,請瀏覽 www.avohk.org恕不另函通知。

Age Categories – Based on age as at 14th December 2014
年齡組別(以2014 年12 月 14 日歲數為準)
Ladies’ 16-34
Ladies' 35-39    
Ladies' 40-44
Ladies’ 45-49
Ladies’ 50-54
Ladies’ 55-59 Ladies’ 60+

Men’s 16-34 Men's 35-39
Men's 40-44  Men’s 45-49
Men’s 50-54
Men’s 55-59
Men’s 60-64
Men’s 65+


Course Description 路線簡介

Tai Lam Chung 大欖涌
A very pretty course anti-clockwise around Tai Lam Chung Reservoir using service road and trail. Start and finish on the main dam above Tai Lam Centre for Women.
 Action Map 活動地圖


Aberdeen 香港仔
A scenic course around Aberdeen Upper Reservoir using service road, catchwater and trail. Start and finish at the barrier on Aberdeen Reservoir Road lower end.
 Action Map 活動地圖

Tai Tam 大潭

The toughest of the three despite the shortest. Start on the road outside the public car park on Tai Tam Reservoir Road opposite Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park and below Parkview. Service road and trail including a rough but not steep section toward Quarry Gap.
Action Map 活動地圖

More detailed course description and previous results are available on the race page on AVOHK website.

Prizes 獎項
Overall series trophies based on best two race results will be awarded to the first three in each category subject to total number of category entrants. In the event of a tie, result of final race to decide overall position.

Transportation 交通安排

The bus to Tai Lam Chung will depart from west side entrance of the Peninsula Hotel on Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui at 7am sharp. If a red or black rainstorm or T8 warning is raised by 7am on race day then the event will be cancelled. AVOHK will attempt to reschedule. Under these circumstances no entry fee will be refunded.
大欖涌賽事的接送專車會從尖沙咀漢口道半島酒店西面入口,於上午七時正開出。當紅色或黑色暴雨警告信號,8 號風球於賽事上午七時正生效,賽事會取消。本會會儘量擇日再比賽,報名費不會退還。

Entry Fee & Bus Ticket  報名費及車票
   AVOHK Member      
Non-AVOHK Member
 Entry fee per each race  每場賽事報名費
 120  150
 Entry fee for all 3 races  全部3場每場賽事報名費
 300  400
 Bus to and from race 1  賽事一來回車票

Race Enquiries 賽事查詢:
Telephone: 91869412 (English/Cantonese). Email: freemanavohk@gmail.com

查詢電話:英語/廣東話:91869412,電郵: freemanavohk@gmail.com

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