2014 Victoria to Peak Challenge

2014 Victoria to Peak Challenge

Date: October 1, 2014 (National Day public holiday)
: 7:30am
Venue: Central Ferry Pier No. 9 (next to Star Ferry)

Course Description - Individual Categories:

You start at Pier 9 (next to Star Ferry), run past the GPO, into the pedestrian tunnel towards Chater Road, pass the former Legco, cut through Chater Garden, and up the pedestrian flyover to Cheung Kong Centre and Citibank Plaza, and enter the Hong Kong Park. That's 2K!

Exit at the East end of Hong Kong Park, go straight until you reach the British Consulate, turn right to go uphill. Very soon you reach Kennedy Road, go towards East until you reach the Petrol Station, i.e. the first check point (CP1). Cross the road at CP1 to go up Bowen Drive. At the top of Bowen Drive is the Bowen Road Park where you see the first water station waiting for your arrival. After a cup or two, run 1K on the flat Bowen Road, where you can gain speed, to reach Magazine Gap Road. That is 5K in total!

Continue downhill on Magazine Gap Road to turn right at Garden Road, further downhill passing the YWCA, and use the pedestrian flyover to cross over Garden Road to enter the Zoological & Botanical Gardens. You zoom by the birds and apes and emerge on the west end of the Zoo for a steep climb to Conduit Road where you cross at the traffic light to run on Hornsey Road to reach the second water station at the Glenealy School. That’s close to 7K!

Proceed after a drink, climb a few stairs and immediately turn left, run on the bridge and get onto May Road to run for 500m until crossing over the Peak Tram rail, and you are at the entry to the Chatham Path. Climb up the shady, scenic but winding Chatham Path (about 1 km) and you will reach Barker Road. By that time, you have completed almost 8.5K and arrived at the last water station.

On the slightly inclined 1K along Barker Road, you have a bird's eye view of the entire Victoria Harbour underneath your
running feet. At the end of Barker Rd, turn to the Plantation Rd and you’re at the last climb onto Findley Road, onward to the Finish at Peak Galleria---having challenged and conquered the Peak!

Course Description - Family Category:

A family team consists of two immediate family members (e.g. 1 parent + 1 kid of age 12 or above, married couple). The first family member (must be age 18 or above) starts at the same time and runs the same route as the one in Individual Categories (see above).

For a family team, the second family member can either start at Pier 9 and run together with the first family member, or
join the first family member at the check point of Bowen Road Park, i.e. CP2. If the second family member joins the first family member at CP2, he/she cannot start running before the first family member arrives. Once the second family
member joins the first family member (either at Pier 9 or CP2), the two family members must run together until they
reach the Finish.

If the second family member joins the first family member at CP2 and is age 12-17, then he/she must be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian before the first family member arrives. Please arrange your own transportation, but do not drive, to Bowen Road Park.

Route Map:



Men's Open (18-29)
Men's Senior (30-39)
Men's Master (40-49)
 Men's Veteran (50+)
 Women's Open (18-29)
 Women's Senior (30-39)
 Women's Master (40-49)
 Women's Veteran (50+)
 Family (Team of two immediate family members)

Entry fee (including sumptuous breakfast at Café Deco): $360 for individual $600 for family category

Entry fee
(without breakfast): $250 for individual

All runners are entitled to a commemorative shirt, drinks en-route and logistical costs, including breakfast subsidies for volunteers on the day. Furthermore, prizes will be awarded to the fastest runner from both the Men’s categories and the Women’s categories and the top three winners of all categories. More information of the prizes will be announced in due course.

Runner Instructions (Please Read Carefully)
    1. A timing chip is used for timing result.
    2. The course requires crossing a few roads, including but not limited to Lung Wo Road, Kennedy Road, MacDonnell Road, Conduit Road, etc. and running on roads alongside traffic, such as Bowen Road and Barker Road. All runners are reminded to exercise caution and care while running on these roads with traffic, however light it may be during early hours. The older family team member undertakes to look after the younger kid runner during the entire course of the race.
    3. Runners should not cross the Kennedy Road until having reached the Petrol Station (CP1).
    4. Registration is confirmed and accepted after completion of online registration process. Please BRING YOUR
    CONFIRMATION EMAIL/REGISTRATION RECORD on the race day in order to collect your race number.
    5. All entrants are advised to familiarize themselves with the course description before the race.
    6. The race will kick off at 7:30am on October 1, 2014 at Central Ferry Pier No. 9 (next to Star Ferry). All race
    entrants are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes before the kick off . (Please refer to the note on weather in
    the Terms & Conditions below)
    7. Competitors will be provided with bag storage (at own risk). First aid and water stations are available en route.
    8. Subject to number of entries, trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in each category. All finishers
    will receive a commemorative T-shirt.
    9. Please check www.clubbalance.org for entry lists, course maps and additional information

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This race is open to athletes age 18 or above, or in family team kids age 12 or above accompanied by their immediate family members age 18 or above, as of October 1, 2014.
  2. Entrant participation is only confirmed upon receipt of the confirmation email from the organizers.
  3. Entry fees are non refundable and entries are non-transferable.
  4. The organizers have the right to reject any late entries.
  5. In the event of Red, Black Rainstorm, T8 (or above) warning is either hoisted or expected by 6AM on the race day, the event may be cancelled. Event entry fees will not be refunded. Participants will be informed by email should the race event be rescheduled to another date.
  6. The race route is not closed to members of the public and involves crossing roads used by vehicles. All entrants are expected to observe traffic signals and rules, follow the directions of police and race officials and show consideration to others. Entrants are responsible for their own safety.
  7. The organizers have the right to make any changes without prior notice and will endeavour to inform entrants of any changes in a timely manner.
  8. All decisions by the organizers will be final.

Race Inquiries: Email: clubbalancehk@gmail.com

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