YouYangsTrail Runs 2013 Race-3 Vic Trail Championships

Little River / Lara, Vic
Sunday, 21 July 2013

YouYangsTrail Runs 2013 Race-3 Vic Trail Championships
Sunday, 21 July 2013 06:00 - 17:00 (GMT)

You Yangs - Little River
Rego opens 5:45-6am 80K ONLY
10 Branch Road
Little River / Lara

Our great friends regular trail runners and photographers
may be seen at the You Yangs again so be sure to bring your
smile, though we do love to see the pain on your face too :-)




Get yourself a 2013 series shirt during your registration process.

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Event Distances 

You Yangs Trail Runs Consist of 4 events, 

15K Fun Run
30K Challenge
50K Ultra
50Mile Extreme

Schedule of Events

We are hoping to conduct some training runs
(at least 2, to go over parts of the course)
weather permitting a casual BBQ post run will be held - stay tuned

Race Day

05:00 - Park Gates Open

Following Race schedule to be confirmed
Please only use as a guide until closer to race date

50m Event Early Starters
05:30 - Registration and Number Collection 50m Event ONLY
05:45 - Race Briefing 50m Event
06:00 - EARLY STARTERS Race Start 50m Event (head torch required for first 15km)

50m Event Early Starters
06:30 - Registration and Number Collection 50m Event ONLY
07:15 - Race Briefing 50m Event
07:30 - STANDARD STARTERS Race Start 50m 

50k Event
07:30 - Registration and Number Collection 50k Event
08:15 - Race Briefing 50k Event
08:30 - Race Start 50k Event

30k Event
08:30 - Registration and Number Collection 30k Event
09:15 - Race Briefing 30k Event
09:30 - Race Start 30k Event

15k Event
09:30 - Registration and Number Collection 15k Event
10:15 - Race Briefing 15k Event
10:30 - Race Start 15k Event


Presentations will be conducted at the conclusion of each event or on an ad hoc basis as place getters need to leave.
Please be sure to collect your trophy if you need to leave before the presentation

Cut Off Times

Only likely to come into play for the 50 mile event, the cutoff time is set at 11:00 hours, that is 5:00pm,  I dont imagine there will be any 50km runners that dont make that very generous time. For the 50 mile runners you will be assessed on your last passing of the start/finish aid station as to wether you will be capable of making the cut off. If deemed unlikely too make it you may be asked to finish at that point. Race Directors decision will be final in the interest of everyones safety. Thank you for your co operation. 

Car Parking

Due to the increased number of participants across all events parking at the top car park will be limited. In order to comply with the need for other park users to have spaces to park we will be making use of carparks in the lower areas of the park. These car parks range from 300M from the start line to approximately 1km. We will provide a shuttle service to bring runners from the lower car parks to the start area and provide an area for putting your kit bags if required. The shuttle service will  operate doing continuous loops, each loop should take approx 10 minutes if people are ready to hop on board and off quickly at each end. The car parking will effect the 15K and 30K runners more as they start later, but the 50K 50M runners will also need to park some cars in the lower car parks. Please consider car pooling or connecting up with a friend at a lower carpark and only bring one car to the start area. When parking at turntable carpark please consider the space you take by sensibly parking close to other vehicles to make room for others. Especially in the unmarked parking areas around the corner from the main car park.

Thank you for your assistance in this as it is crucial to the ongoing support of Parks that we cater for other park users.

Aid Stations

Aid stations are planned to be in the following locations.
there may be some variation to the locations pending volunteer numbers

For 50M runners there will be no aid station until the 10km point
please ensure you have your basic needs for the first 10km

 Distance Water  Electrolyte  Food  Drop Bags  First Aid  Toilets 
 0  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 2.5  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  N
 5  Y  N  N  N  N  N
 10  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 12.5  Y  Y  Y  N  Y  N
 15  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 18  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 21  Y  N  N  N  N  Y
 23  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
27.5   Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  N
 30  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 33  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 35.5  Y  Y  Y  N  Y  N
 40  Y  N  N  N  N  N
 44  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 47  Y  N  Y  Y  Y  Y
 50  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 54  Y  N  N  N  N  N
 58  Y   Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 60.5  Y   Y  Y  N  Y  N
 64  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 68.5  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 74  Y  N  N  N  N  N
 77.5  Y  Y  Y  N  Y  N
 80   Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
 Start  Un  Rockwell  Un  Kurrajong  Un  Info
 Finish  Manned  Road  Manned  Plantation  Manned  Centre


Refer to maps and information tab for further details.
This year maps will be produced in 1 Part showing each seperate distance continuing on from the previous
in a different colour. Maps will be available at registration.
This will make for a less confusing appearance of the course on paper.
Map 1 from start to 15k finish ORANGE
Map 2 from 15k to 30k finish GREEN
Map 3 from 30k to 50k finish PURPLE
Map 4 from 50k to 80k finish BLUE

Rules and Regulations

All participants must adhere the instructions of the Race Director, event representative or Parks Victoria employees and follow rules as detirmined by the RD. 

The GET LOST or RD Rule - as race directors we understand that often you travel further when it goes wrong, however to be fair to all participants we will enforce this rule on all trails+ events.

Despite major efforts marking the course and the addition of several course marshals, each year front runners tend to take a wrong turn. This has resulted in the top placers being disqualified. Please ensure you are familiar with the course and take a moment at intersections to ensure you take the right turn.
Participants must follow the defined course, although trails are marked to assist runners on the day, there is an expectation that runners will study or carry a course map with them. An event like the You Yangs Trail Runs is unlikely to see a runner get lost, but there is every chance runners will take the wrong turn or go up the wrong trail if they are not paying attention. The race organisors expect all entrants to be able to read a basic map to assist them with following the correct trails.
Unlike in other sports like "Triathlons" if a competitor leaves the correct course they may receive assistance getting back to the same location they left, then continue on and complete the correct course. However in Trail Running Events If a runner takes the incorrect trail, they must make there own way back to the same point they left the defined course and continue on the correct trail, no outside assistance of any type is permitted. This means you must not except a ride in a vehicle of any kind, a breach of this rule will result in disqualification or a noted time finish with incorrect course followed, for official record purposes though it will be considered a DNF..

Restrictions and Mandatory Gear

In the interest of Safety of runners and members of the public the following restrictions apply
NO IPODS shall be used on the course, some parts of the course are single technical track and you may have a runner wanting to pass you, you will need to be able to hear them to permit passing. More importantly while you are running on some of the bike trails it is extremely important that you can hear bikes approaching you. Thirdly you will need to be able to hear course marshals giving you directions, it has been reported in the past that runners have ignored marshals as they couldn't hear and resulted in them taking the wrong trail.
A very serious issue and reason for having all your senses about you when on trails is the possibility that a tree branch may fall, with music on you will not hear the crack and have time to react. This occurred recently in a QLD event where a runner was struck by a falling branch. Please no iPods

Warm rain jacket or suitable clothing may be required on race day, the final pre race brief will confirm if you need to bring mandatory clothing items, we will make a final assessment on the morning of the race as to wether it has to be carried or worn.


Should the weather or other conditions outside the control of the race director prevent the race from proceeding on the 
scheduled date, the event will be postponed to a future date, No Refunds available.
Pre Event Withdrawels

Please refer to refund policy

RACE DAY Withdrawels

For the safety of all participants please notify the nearest checkpoint of your intention to withdraw from the event


All events of this nature carry elements of risk, it is the responsibility of all participants to conduct themselves in a safe manner and if required help other participants if injured or in need of assistance. Conditions can vary quickly with the most likely problem being exposure to the weather. All participants should have suitable clothing as the conditions are likely to be mild to cold and wet, participants should also be prepared for extreme cool conditions. 
Generally NO compulsory kit is required, however the final briefing notes closer to race date will confirm if the weather is likely to warrant the need for carrying compulsory warm top. Please use commonsense. It is advised that water should be carried between check points, a small amount of energy food is also recommended.


If a participant becomes injured or incapacitated, 
other participants MUST assist them to nearest check point if safe to do so.


No rubbish to be left on the course, please place all items no matter how small in pockets for depositing in bins at check points.
To ensure the ongoing support of Parks Victoria Please Ensure you leave NO Rubbish on the course.


Participants should note that public liability insurance exists for this event, however it does not cover individual medical or rescue costs, it is the individuals responsibility and it is highly recommended that your ambulance cover is up to date. Note that a trip in the ambulance can cost thousands of dollars if you are not a member, if you are collected by helicopter it can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Refunds & Carry Forward Entry Fees. 

Due to the nature of organising events and purchasing things like food, trophies, medallions,signage, flag markings, race bibs, hydration sports drinks, insurance based on participant numbers, etc it is often difficult to work out the balance of how a refund will work. Some items are purchased in advance and some are left as late as possible to cover late entries and ensure fresh food supplies and correct numbers of medals etc. 
We love putting on events but try to do it as cost effective as possible
To try to put something fair to all in place we have decided on some of the following guidelines.
If you withdrawal 30 Days prior to the event you will receive a refund less 50% admin.
If you withdrawal within 30 days of the event you will NOT be refunded refunded as race bibs, food etc will have been purchased.
In some circumstances a discounted entry to the next event may be made available can be carried forward to another trails+ event. 
On the day NO SHOWS will not be refunded
We are always happy to discuss other options but feel at least the participant should be given some notice of what can occur, thank you for your understanding.

Course Notes

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - over the previous 4 runnings of this event, someone has taken a wrong turn, this is always as a result of a brief lack of concentration and missing course markers. Unfortunately it is also the lead runners that this tends to happen too and they become ineligible for prizes. To place in these events you must have followed the correct course, please don't make it difficult for me and have to exclude you from your place in the field, it gives me no pleasure and I know it is upsetting for you the runner. My advice is, that if you are a fast runner and have expectations of placing then study the maps provided and do a training run to get familiar with the course.

URGENT NOTE - we have experienced course marking tampering in the past and this can add to the problems of navigating the course, hopefully this year we will not suffer from this unsavoury act.

The course will be marked, and all efforts will be made to make the course easy to follow.
It is a complex set of trails, but when broken down it is very easy, pay attention and you will be fine 
We suggest each participant make themselves familiar with the course, a little knowledge just may come in very handy. The design of the You Yangs course provides spectators with several opportunities to see their runners pass through the main start finish area, this does add a bit of complexity to the course as this area can become busy with runners from various distance events heading in various directions, all efforts will be made to make it clear where to go as you pass through this area and it is invisaged a dedicated course marshall will be on hand to direct you up the correct trail. However we recommend you carry a map in case you get off course. 


Contact Details

  • Tel: 0418557052

Payment Instructions

  • FEES for 2013 Events

    15Km Fun Run $55


    30Km Challenge $70
    50Km Ultra $90
    80Km Extreme $110


    30Km Challenge $80
    50Km Ultra $100
    80Km Extreme $130

    late fees apply from July 9th
    approx. $10 fee applies

    AURA members receive
    discounted entries on all
    sanctioned events,
    membership is only $90.
    For more information

    We may be very lucky to
    have our friends Steve
    and Gilda taking photos
    On the Day, Thanks Guys
    Your skills are very much

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