Runners' Clinics with Dynamic Running

Edge Hill, Qld
Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Runners' Clinics with Dynamic Running

Wednesday, 30 January 2019 5:30 PM - Wednesday, 27 February 2019 7:00 PM (Brisbane Time)

Cairns, Queensland
Greenslopes Street
opposite the Rondo Theatre
Edge Hill, Qld 4870

0417 798 444
Phone: 0417 798 444
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Arguably ​the ​most ​popular ​program ​on ​the ​Dynamic ​Running ​schedule. ​A ​5-week ​program. ​We ​do ​Technique ​Training ​and ​Drills ​(5.30-6.00pm) ​followed ​by ​an ​easy ​run/walk ​session ​for ​½ ​hour. ​

Dynamic ​Running ​club ​members ​only ​pay ​$10 ​for ​the ​5 ​weeks. ​Sign ​up ​to ​be ​a ​Dynamic ​Running ​member ​(cost ​$100). ​Register ​here: ​

Dates ​for ​2019:
30 ​January ​- ​27 ​February ​- ​Goomboora ​Park, ​Brinsmead
24 ​April ​- ​22 ​May. ​Greenslopes ​Street, ​opposite ​the ​Rondo ​Theatre
17 ​July ​- ​14 ​August. ​Greenslopes ​Street, ​opposite ​the ​Rondo ​Theatre
9 ​October ​- ​6 ​November. ​Greenslopes ​Street, ​opposite ​the ​Rondo ​Theatre

The ​group ​dynamic ​provides ​the ​ideal ​conditions ​to ​meet ​training ​buddies. ​Absolute ​beginners, ​who ​have ​never ​run ​800m, ​join ​this ​group ​and ​are ​running ​5 ​kilometres ​within ​2 ​months. ​You ​can ​do ​it ​too. ​

Runners ​who ​want ​to ​improve ​their ​technique ​also ​benefit ​from ​these ​coaching ​sessions.

You ​can ​start ​training ​with ​us ​anytime ​regardless ​of ​your ​current ​level ​of ​fitness.

For ​your ​payment ​you ​receive ​
• ​one ​of ​the ​15 ​spots ​available
• ​five ​½-hour ​group ​sessions ​on ​technique ​and ​drills
• ​5 ​weeks ​of ​the ​run/walk ​method
• ​a ​Beginner ​Runners’ ​Booklet ​with ​comprehensive ​notes, ​running ​tips ​and ​advice ​to ​keep ​you ​motivated
• ​a ​10-week ​running ​program ​suited ​to ​your ​current ​level ​of ​fitness
• ​a ​certificate ​when ​you ​finish ​your ​first ​5km ​race.

Conditions ​of ​entry
If ​you ​have ​not ​been ​active ​recently, ​or ​have ​health/injury ​concerns, ​be ​sure ​to ​check ​with ​your ​doctor.
A ​minimum ​of ​4 ​participants ​are ​required ​for ​the ​Clinics ​to ​go ​ahead. ​
Lorraine Lawson
Dynamic Running Ltd.
0417 798 444
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