Balesin Adventure Trail Run

Quezon Province
Friday, November 24, 2017

Balesin Adventure Trail Run

Friday, November 24, 2017 - Sunday, November 26, 2017

Balesin ​Adventure ​Trail ​Run 
5KM ​| ​21KM 

Your ​registration ​for ​the ​Balesin ​Adventure ​Trail ​Run ​includes ​flights ​per pax to ​and ​from ​Balesin Island Club and, ​3-day/2-night ​accommodation from November 24 to 26, 2017 ​in ​one ​of ​Balesin's luxurious villas. Each ​villa ​can ​accommodate ​up ​to ​four ​(4) ​persons. ​ 

Each ​registration ​session ​will ​let ​you ​register ​up ​to ​four ​(4) ​persons ​in ​a ​villa. ​To ​book ​for ​more ​participants, ​please ​start ​a ​new ​registration. 

Registration ​for ​the ​trail ​run ​(choice ​of ​5KM ​or ​21KM) ​is ​FREE ​of ​CHARGE. There will also be fun activities for the whole family, and special offers at Aegle Wellness Center for participants.

For ​questions/inquiries, ​please ​contact ​the ​RUNRIO ​hotline ​numbers ​(M-F, ​10AM-5PM) 
SMART: ​0921-5512611 ​| ​GLOBE: ​0995-3169311 ​| ​Landline: ​703-1736 ​/ ​463-4813 ​

*Registration is open to all.
*Balesin is a cashless island. All transactions are done thru debit and/or credit cards.

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