Volunteer Registration: 2013 SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia


Volunteer Registration: 2013 SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia

Welcome to the volunteer registration page for the 2013 SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia.

To get started, please enter your email address and read over the volunteer waiver, ticking the box to agree and then proceed with a role selection.

If you would like to volunteer for multiple days, please select your first preference on the next page, as well as selecting your additional availability  where it states - 'If you wish to express your interest in multiple roles, please list below and the days you are available'

Thanks for your assistance and we look forward to seeing you in Busselton!

For any enquiries, please contact ironman@usmevents.com.au

Kind Regards,

Busselton Ironman Committee & USM EVENTS | IRONMAN Asia Pacific

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Terms and Conditions



Event Name:               [SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia] [“the Event”]

Event Date(s):             [Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th December, 2013 ]

Event Location:           [Busselton, Western Australia]



These Terms and Conditions [“these Terms”] are applicable, to the fullest extend legally permissible, to any volunteer for the Event. The Event is owned and managed by USM Events Pty Ltd ACN 052 342 239 [“the Organiser”]. By registering to become a volunteer in the Event, you [“the Volunteer”] accept and agree to be bound by these Terms.



WARNING: This document will affect your legal rights and liabilities. It is important that you read the document carefully before signing. If you are uncertain about any of the terms, we recommend that you obtain advice prior to submitting your volunteer application.

Registration as a Volunteer

1.     An application to volunteer shall not be deemed as accepted until the Organiser provides confirmation to the Volunteer.

2.      The Organiser may, in its absolute discretion and without giving reasons for its decision, accept or refuse an application to volunteer.

3.     The Organiser may terminate the Volunteer’s appointment at any time, following which the Volunteer will immediately cease their involvement with the Event and leave the Event premises.

Obligations of the Volunteer

4.     The Volunteer for the Event shall be required to:

a.     Work on a volunteer basis, without the receipt of remuneration;

b.     Comply with the directions given by the Organiser, its nominated representative or related parties;

c.      Refrain from acting beyond the directions given by the Organiser its nominated representative or related parties unless authority had previously been provided or such action is absolutely necessary;

d.     Perform all duties and requirements in accordance with every the policy, procedure and lawful direction provided by the Organiser, its nominated representative or related parties;

e.     Notify the Organiser of any identified potential hazards to safety or if at any time the Volunteer feels uncomfortable with a workplace condition, standard or instance;

f.       Undertake all reasonable measures to protect themselves from the risks involved in participating as a volunteer and refrain from undertaking in any activity that might endanger themselves or third parties; and

g.     Refrain from consuming any alcohol or drugs which will impair their judgment and/or ability to carry their role as a volunteer.


5.     The Volunteer shall be in good health and physically and mentally capable to perform the tasks required.

6.     The Volunteer must notify the Organiser of any pre-existing medication condition, impairment or injury which may affect their ability to participate as a volunteer in the Event.

7.     All medical information provided by the Volunteer as part of the Volunteer Registration shall be accurate and up to date.

8.     Upon the Volunteer becoming aware of a medical condition, impairment or injury which may affect their ability to perform the tasks required as a volunteer, the Volunteer must immediately notify the Organiser.

9.     The Volunteer consents to receiving first aid and/or medical treatment which may include, but is not limited to, ambulance transportation. The Volunteer shall be liable for all costs associated with receiving any first aid and/or medical treatment required whilst acting as a volunteer.


10.  The Volunteer acknowledges and agrees that his/her name, image and likeness may be photographed, filmed, broadcast or otherwise recorded during the Event or any other events incidental to the role as a volunteer with the Organiser.

11.  The Volunteer provides unconditional and irrevocable consent to the Organiser, its related parties, public bodies, sponsors, promoters and contractors to record the Volunteers name, image and likeness and to copy, publish, broadcast, distribute and communicate to the public by any means, in any format and on any media without payment to the Volunteer.

12.  The Volunteer acknowledges that they will be automatically subscribed to the Organiser’s email newsletter. The Volunteer can unsubscribe at any time by following the relevant link in any issue of the Organiser’s email newsletter.


13.  The Volunteer must not disclose any confidential information concerning the Organiser and its related parties.

14.  The Volunteer must not make any public announcement or issue any press release regarding the business of the Organiser and its related parties, these Terms, or the role as a volunteer unless express written consent has been provided by the Organiser.



15.  The Volunteer will be covered by the Organiser’s Voluntary Workers Insurance subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. A copy of the policy will be provided upon request.

Assumption of risk

16.  The Volunteer accepts all risks associated with the carrying out of its role as a volunteer with the Organiser and acknowledges that the Event may involve a real risk of serious injury or death from causes such as, but not limited to, over exertion, dehydration, accidents involving other volunteers, participants, spectators, road users and the acts, omissions or negligence of others.

Waiver and Release

17.  The Volunteer agrees to release, hold harmless and indemnify the Organiser and its related parties, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, public bodies, sponsors, promoters and contractors from any and all claims, actions, expenses or losses of any nature whatsoever which may arise out of, or arise in connection with any negligent, willful or unlawful act or omission of the Volunteer or the Volunteer’s participation in the Event.

18.  The Volunteer waives any and all claims that it may have against the Organiser and its related parties, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, public bodies, sponsors, promoters and contractors.


19.  The Volunteer agrees that it shall be deemed to have notice of any change to these Terms and be bound by any subsequent version of these Terms as they appear on the Organiser’s website at www.usmevents.com.au whether or not the Volunteer has actual notice thereof.


20.  The Volunteer agrees that all contracts made with the Organiser shall be deemed to be made in the State nominated by the Organiser and the Volunteer agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the appropriate Court nominated by the Organiser in the capital city of that State.


21.  Any part of these Terms being a whole or part of a clause shall be capable of severance without affecting any other part of these Terms.

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